Real Food Cooking Classes


“If you can pull it from the ground, or pluck it from a tree, hunt it where it walks or fish it from the sea, its for me, if not, then it’s not for me”

That’s it in a nutshell. If it comes in a box or packet, was made in a factory, has ingredients you can’t pronounce, can’t be made in your own kitchen or grown in your garden, was not once living, it’s probably not good for you.

My food philosophy comes from years of informal study, devouring every nutrition book I could get my hands on and reading research papers for fun!

I believe food is medicine, it’s really that simple. Easy meals taste the best and to live a healthy, vibrant and fulfilled life, we have to nourish our body with nutrient dense foods to help it run at its optimum level.

Real food cooking classes are designed to show you how easy it is to prepare delicious, healthy, tasty food that will nourish your body, but without needing you to spend hours in the kitchen to do so!

I’d love to help you become more comfortable in the kitchen, enjoy it a little more and make it less stressful to prepare whole, nourishing and delicious meals for yourself, and those you love.

What I aim to help you:

  • develop the knowledge base necessary to implement good food easily in your everyday life.

  • broaden your food knowledge.

  • make it easier to buy and use whole foods in your everyday life and avoid processed foods.

  • include practical recipes.

  • if you are on a restricted diet, wheat or gluten free etc. how to do it easily, quickly and with lots of flavour.

  • have a fun and enjoyable experience.

I want you to gain more confidence in your food knowledge and broaden your understanding of cooking with real, whole foods and see how easy it is.

Classes can be one on one or in groups, we can do them in your kitchen or mine, its about where you feel comfortable and if you want to involve your friends and have a great time or just focus on you!

Classes start at $200 but we can design a package to suit you and your needs