Farmers Market Tours


Renee is excited to be launching our latest initiative to help YOU connect with the people who grow and raise your food: Farmers’ Market Tours!

 If you live in the Greater Brisbane area, this is for you! You might even be able to twist my arm to visit you anywhere in a 4 hour drive of Brisbane, if you combine a farmers market tour with a cooking class…….

If you are unable to grow your own food, the next best thing is to know the person who grows it for you! That’s why farmer markets are so important.

Do you want to know how to pick the freshest produce and whats in season? Do you always wonder how to befriend the farmers and what questions to ask them? Do you want to know how to pick the “Growers” from the “Suppliers”?

I will guide you around your local farmers market, sample food, help you to talk to the fabulous farmers, learn what is fresh in season at that time, connect with the people who put in the hard work to grow the food in front of you… and drink coffee!

Whether you want to explore a market by yourself or do it with a group of friends, or you may  want to surprise a special someone with an interesting gift, you’re bound to get something out of this authentic and relaxed experience.

Tours will be capped at 6 people each, otherwise we overwhelm the farmers!

Tours start from as little as $49 per person. Call me to discuss options and prices to suit you.