About Us


Renee Bailey is the owner and founder of Homegrown – Gourmet, Harvest, Gardens and she wants to change the way we, grow, shop, cook and think about food. A qualified Permaculture Design Consultant, self-taught cook, sustainable food advocate and entrepreneur. Renee has owned and ran The Ashgrove Spinal Centre, a chiropractic health clinic, with her husband (a Chiropractor) for 15 years and has also owned and run, Green Machine, a garden maintenance and building management company for 10 years.

Renee is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and is passionate about you and how you interact and connect with your food, the environment and your health.

She is a regular expert contributor to magazines and business groups. She has been an interim representative council member for Permaculture Australia and a committee member for Northey Street City Farm. 

Being connected to our food, whether growing our own or sourcing from local growers and cooking from scratch, is one of the most important steps to taking back control of our health and wellbeing, creating sustainable, localised food economies and reducing our reliance on processed, industrialised foods.


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